The Alexander Technique is Pretty Intelligent. And She is Kind.

Body Mindfulness – together we are educating your whole system through touch, gentle movement and wakeful awareness.

Stopping – together we are asking your conscious mind to interfere with unconscious or unwanted patterns and activities.

Integration – together we are considering the whole of you, which is more than the sum of your parts.

Balance – together we are involving your vestibular, visual and proprioceptive systems.

Breathing – together we are following your breath as a direct response to the needs and conditions of your body at this particular moment in time.

Posture – together we are discovering what works better than the repetition of misguided concepts and expectations.

Pain – together we are accepting stages of dis-ease and dis-comfort, learning to trust our innate self healing systems.

Voice – together we are freeing your voice so that you express yourself in your own tone.

Authenticity – together we are peeling away layers of behaviors and beliefs in order to discover nuggets closer to our truth.

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