I first learned about Alexander’s work in 2002 as a complementary scoliosis treatment for my adolescent daughter, who took a year of weekly lessons to support her traditional back bracing therapy.

Taking subsequently lessons for myself, had a profound impact on my life and made me want to become a teacher. After an AmSAT certified 1600-hour three-year program, I received my teaching certification in 2007 through Alexander Technique School New England (ATSNE), directed by Missy Vineyard.

With a degree in Speech, Language and Voice Therapy from the University Tübingen in Germany (1982) I am bringing decades of clinical experience to my work.

Over time, working with clients suffering from chronic pain and complex syndromes I realized that I wanted to learn more about the way trauma affects the nervous system and is being held in the body. In 2017, I earned my Somatic Experiencing practitioner certificate (SETI).

Practicing Alexander principles has helped me deal with many physical issues, especially as I grow older and want to remain active. From the beginning I enjoyed an amazing sense of space and peace within myself. I have become more centered and less reactive. I enjoy a stronger alignment between the way I want to be and who I am able to be. The technique has been my companion in times of deepest personal challenges.

I am helping my older students to be more in charge of issues around pain, aging, limitations and life perspective in general. I also enjoy teaching adolescents to become more knowledgeable of their growing and changing bodies, while facing new challenges in their lives.

The mechanism of breathing is adapting in every moment of our life to ever changing conditions. A physiological understanding of the natural breath is the basis for my breathing for life curriculum, Breathitude™.

In recent years I am exploring and expressing physical presence through sculpture and Argentine Tango.

I am a teaching member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique and of ATC, Alexander Technique Connection.


“Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”

Lao-Tzu, Tao-Te-Ching