What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a skill for self-development, teaching us to change long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything we do.

What are the benefits of Alexander Technique lessons?

  • Improve your posture, balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Calm your nervous system and reduce tension and stress
  • Manage chronic pain and prevent injuries
  • Enhance your presentations by reducing performance anxiety and freeing your voice
  • Increase your energy and deepen your physical and mental self-awareness
  • Improve your performance in all activities

Where can you practice the Alexander Technique?

Located in Cheshire, Connecticut, bordering the towns of Hamden, Wallingford, North Haven and Southington, I am seeing clients from all of New Haven county, including the shoreline communities of Branford and Guilford as well as Southbury and Woodbury.

Who can teach the Alexander Technique in Connecticut?

Michaela Hauser-Wagner, M.AmSAT, SEP is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique, www.AmSATonline.org. Please contact Michaela at hauserwagner.michaela@gmail.com or 203-988-8344 if you would like more information or to schedule a lesson.